06/12/2014 Felix Charin

Your Life’s Narrative

Most people’s favorite way of communication is through stories. All day long they tell small stories about themselves and their friends, colleagues and family.

There are two different kind of stories people tell: Positive Narrations , or Negative Narrations like one called “Ain’t it awful.”

Now, what is the difference between Negative Narrations and Positive Narrations?

To understand that we have to understand exactly what a story is always about. Two things: a hero and a problem.
That’s right: every story is about a hero having to solve a problem. From fixing the dishwasher to saving the universe. Both are stories. No matter how big or small the problem is, every good story transforms the hero into something higher than before. Higher courage, higher consciousness or a higher knowledge – knowing more than he did before being confronted with the problem.

Now, negative narrations are also stories with a hero and a problem. However, the problem is not solved. The hero does not change anything about the problem. He or she does not gain a higher knowledge, and all this “hero” does is complain. “Ain’t it awful.” That’s right.
In the next 24 hours, look more closely. The people you talk to will have stories with them. Keep track of how many people speak to you, and if each one brings Positive Narrations or Negative Narrations. The outcome will surprise you!

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